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Esmeralda Authentic Medium, Tarologist,
an Expert in Sacred Magic.


At a very young age, Esmeralda began having visions of people around her. Born into a Gypsy family well known for accurate predictions, Esmeralda grew up within the mysterious and fascinating atmosphere of the Sacred Magic world.

It was later, that one of her grandmothers bequeathed to her all the Knowledge she had, so that Esmeralda could use her gifts wisely. Today, Esmeralda gifts that envy the reputation of most "Masters". In fact, she is recognized worldwide as one of the most amazing Psychics. All her knowledge, and utmost professionalism, is based on what she learned from her family. As she is, by nature, a very curious person, she enjoyed attending healing sessions, and loved to experience travelling to other places. But, where Esmeralda, who learned quickly, became the supreme master, was in the Sacred Magic and Tarots.

Very quickly, she felt entrusted with a mission. Ever since that day, she has decided to devote her life to helping people who are truly in need, and guide them to their path of life...

Thanks to word of mouth, many people began requesting her help and advice, and their numbers grew, day by day, in a sizable way. Today, the quality of her clairvoyance brings her a new numbers of faithful followers, and that number is constantly growing. Her reputation has earned her the confidence of "showbiz", sports, and political personalities.

For several months now, Esmeralda has desired to get away from the world of celebrities and the elite, in order to help people who are truly in need. Therefore, it is only natural that she puts her powers and gifts in the service of the most unfortunate souls, and makes every effort to help them.

Her intuitions and her empathic sense are in the service of these distressed persons to whom she has dedicated her gifts to help and support them so that they may reaching the flowering of their lives.

Relationship difficulties? Problems at work? Professional or educational position, or redirection? Projects? Emotional encounter?

Whatever your questions, Esmeralda is here for you with all her love and compassion. She is ready to answer your questions, and give you the keys that will help you understand the events of your life, so that you can build your future with confidence.